What It Does » Water My Tree - The Ultimate Christmas Tree Funnel

What It Does


Water My Tree "The Ultimate Christmas Tree Funnel" - Keep your home safe and tree fresh the easy way!

Crystal clear in color and virtually invisible in your Christmas tree, Water My Tree is an easy-to-use funnel that attaches to a tree branch. Simply fill your Christmas tree stand with water through the funnel and use the provided gauge to later check the water level... All without moving a single Christmas gift or bending down to your knees and pushing branches out of the way! Great Christmas gift idea!

Place Tube In The Bottom Of Tree Stand 
1. Insert "Water My Tree" through the branches to the bottom of the tree stand.

Hook Funnel On Tree Branch So That Funnel is Mostly Vertical 
2. Hook the funnel to a branch.  The bottom of tube is at the bottom of the tree stand.  Pour water slowly into the funnel to fill the tree stand.

Place Thumb Over Ball & Pull Out Gauge Tube Completely 

3. Insert the ball/gauge tube through "Water My Tree" to the bottom of the tree stand.

With Thumb Over Ball, Check Bottom Of Tube For Water Level 

4.Tightly place your finger over the hole in the gauge tube/ball and pull out to test the water level in the tree stand.